About Ravian Pharmaceutials Ltd

Ravian Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a transnational pharmaceuticals company based in Baroda, Gujarat.

It is one of the fastest growing company by market growth index company manufactures and sells a wide range of branded & generic formulation, Active pharmaceuticals ingredients (APIS), Advance drug delivery system (ADDS) & Biotechnology products.

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  • I have been working in Ravian Pharmaceutials Ltd as a FSM for 8 years. I should say it is a pleasure to be a part of this company. Our team is the greatest advantage. Everybody demonstrates high quality and professional attitude in all working activities. Every day I work in the atmosphere of mutual respect, support and help. Our company also gives each employee an opportunity for self-development providing different kinds of training, both in professional and "soft-skills" spheres, ex. psychological and business communication courses. So if you have something interesting and useful to share with, you are welcome for your own training! I wish Ravian Pharmaceutials Ltd goes on flourishing and showing its professionalism on the worldwide level.

    Rakesh Kumar

  • I was working in Ravian Pharmaceutials Ltd company almost more than two years. Even during not such a long period of time I had received a huge experience and useful knowledge. What I valued most of all in Ravian Pharmaceutials Ltdwere corporate culture, company's spirit, friendship and mutual help. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for company�s management for their support and positive attitude, for all the moments we had gone through all together. I hope that company will keep developing and will continue working for the sake of the patients.

    Amit Singh