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Dr. Rakesh Mishra


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India is currently charging ahead into mainstream pharmaceuticals markets around the world with many company's taking their operations worldwide. It is well accepted fact that to grow and prosper, indiancompanies will have to re-think the current business models and move to more global, innovation led growth that is what we are attempting to build here at Ravian.

The Ravian of tomorrow will have a business presence in many markets of the world across the fields of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

In india, we are working towards retaining and growing our position of Market leadership.In key therapy areas with strong prescription driven sales. We will continue to make considerable investments in product innovation to strengthen our pipeline of affordable nicheproducts for Indian and international markets.

Our international markets for pharmaceuticals product now include several emerging countries market in Asia, Africa and South America. We expect the international component of our pharmaceuticals business to grow significantly in width and depth in the years to come.

Our R&D is keen to explore the biologics services by developing monoclonal anti-bodies and recombinant proteins by doing technical collaboration.

Looking ahead we are determined to achieve our goal of becoming a force in affordable, niche healthcare solutions. And to do this we will continue to capitalize and build on the unique fundamentals of our group values, people and products by encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and growth.

Mr. Bhola Prasad Roy

G.M (Sales)

A Team with a purpose

At Ravian Pharmaceuticals Ltd, our core values and philosophy are focused on integrity and guide us in our work.They are deeply ingrained in the way we conduct our business and guide us in our relationship with society and local communities.

The individuals at Ravian, India that make up our team, are the heart of organisation. We recognise their dedication and are committed to investing in their successes in the same way that their work is dedicated to the patients.

At Ravian Pharmaceuticals Ltd we are united in our belief that our work and leading innovations ultimately benefits the Indian patient who counton us to deliver better health for a better life.

Our unwavering commitment to bringing our leading innovations to Indians is our promise to you.